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germ free light bulb

How does it work?
TiO2 Ionic (Titanium Dioxide) air purifier technology is the latest in air purification innovation. The Germ Free® CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) Light Bulb uses Fluorescent light and TiO2 Ionic technology to transform tiny air particles and toxic gases into safer fresher smelling substances. A Carbon bond is what keeps most organic compounds like germs together. The TiO2 Ionic technology inside the Germ Free® CFL Light Bulb facilitates the oxidation process through a photocatalitic reaction. This reaction breaks up these bonds into smaller compounds over and over again until only carbon dioxide and water
(safer substances) are left behind.

Fresh, clean air is created through a combination of CFL TiO2 Ionic technology while saving you money. There are no air filters to replace or collecting grids to clean. A maintenance free product that provides you with “after -the-rain”

Is it safe?
TiO2 is a pigment used in common everyday items such as; house paints and artists' paints to impart a brilliant, highly reflective, permanent white color. Titanium dioxide is a non-toxic element that also be found in sunscreens, toothpaste and cosmetics, and many other products we use every day.

15 watts = 60 watts, uses 75% less energy
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